Erin Andrews Wants Us To Stop Making Fun Of 50 Cent Now

Last week, rapper 50 Cent started our Monday off with a chuckle after video, GIFs, pictures, memes and whatever else hit these bloggywebbytubes, featuring the occasional rapper and hilariously awful actor trying to get some sugar with FOX reporter Erin Andrews. Of course, Mr. Curtis Jackson saw Andrews in the infield at Daytona 500 and he did what most frat boys have only dreamed of by trying to kiss her. Andrews dodged the kiss with her attractive, blonde, dancer ninja skills and the rest is GIFtory.

Obviously, Andrews has a well-documented history of problems with invasions of privacy, so while some of us laughed, others shook their fists in rage and said, “How dare you laugh, this poor woman is a victim.” But it turns out that Andrews wasn’t a victim and the whole thing was actually her fault. So I guess you all owe 50 Cent an apology now.

TMZ JOURNALIST (caps lock for clarity): “Can you tell me about 50 Cent, was he trying to go in for a kiss?”

Erin Andrews: “No he wasn’t. Actually, it was my fault. Because I was so rushed and the drivers weren’t there, and all we wanted to do was get Danica [Patrick] because she was obviously the biggest story. It was my fault, I went in one way, he went in the other. Then they screamed in my ear, ‘Go get her, go get her!’ I ran, I panicked, I jerked my head very awkwardly.”

And so on and so forth. I don’t buy her little excuse, though, and let’s go to the video to show why.

First of all, Andrews was playing with fire as soon as she engaged Fiddy. He’s a wild card and a loose cannon who skirts SEC regulations by Tweeting about penny stocks like it’s his birthday, so he was obviously going to try some funny business. Some malarkey, if you will.

So why, then, is Andrews covering this up for 50 Cent? My guess is because they’re secretly married. I have nothing to base this on, of course, but I can tell a “Not at work, honey” face when I see one.