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As close followers of the site know, I’m blogging from London this week, and, as such, I thought this video was nice and relevant.  It’s Mavericks guard Devin Harris at the opening for a refurbished court in south London (David Stern and Michael Beasley were also there), getting schooled on the playground by a polite British fellow in jeans and a v-neck jumper.

As Basketball 24/7 notes, that’s actually Stuart Tanner, a famed British street baller.  Well, famed for British street ballers.  So basically not really famed at all.  But still, it was nice to see him show some restraint after megging Harris on the way to a reverse layup (note that he doesn’t have enough confidence to use his left hand).  I think he even said, “Freshen ya drink, guvna?” after the filming stopped.

[True Hoop via BDL]

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