ESPN Busted Out Some Parkour Moves To Reveal The Brand New SportsCenter Set

If this new ESPN video proves anything, it’s that even when the Worldwide Leader is simply showing off the redesigned set for its flagship show, it can’t go three minutes without speculating about LeBron James leaving the Miami Heat. But that’s only one small part of this otherwise flashy video that reveals the new set that Steve Levy and Co. will be working with on SportsCenter moving forward. ESPN enlisted YouTube parkour and free running stunts expert Ronnie Shalvis to add the network’s typically goofy spin on how difficult it is to get from one end of the ESPN campus to the other. Because parkour’s what all the cool kids are doing these days, according to the Internet.

My biggest complaint about this video, though, is that it lacks what makes any ESPN commercial truly great – the Western Kentucky Hilltopper mascot. He should be in everything. Hell, he should have his own TV series.

Also, here’s the behind-the-scenes look at how Shalvis pulled off his more impressive leaps and stunts. I’m rather content just using my feet to walk.

(H/T to Bryce)