Nobody Was Happy With ESPN’s New Camera Angle During The Michigan-Ohio State Game

02.17.16 2 years ago

ESPN experimented with a new camera angle during Tuesday night’s telecast of the Michigan-Ohio State basketball game. And as you might expect, the public reacted perfectly reasonably, with a mixture of scorn, hatred, and digital pitchforks.

The cameras were set up in a way that made it feel like viewers were sitting courtside, which seems awesome in theory, and quite innovative. Who wouldn’t want to sit courtside? However, for the majority of viewers, it did not come close to capturing the courtside experience, and instead was simply making them nauseous.

Also, the rule of unintended consequences seems to have applied, with ESPN perhaps not taking into consideration that every so often, a referee would take up a good portion of our screens. Nobody wants to stare at the back of a ref’s head for two hours.

The fan reaction on Twitter was nearly unanimous in its hatred. Here were some of the best that we saw throughout the game.

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