ESPN Cut Away From Dabo Swinney’s Great Postgame Interview For An Awkward Live Shot

Clemson escaped Death Valley with a very thrilling victory over Notre Dame on Saturday night, one that came down to the final minute to decide a winner. Immediately following the final whistle, ESPN interviewed Clemson coach Dabo Swinney, who we already know to be extremely entertaining, and the Tigers coach provided a very energetic and emotional interview that made for riveting television.

That is, until it was suddenly gone.

ESPN’s broadcast on ABC inexplicably cut away from Swinney’s interview, switching to a live shot of a couple SportsCenter anchors sitting at the studio desk just messing around on their tablets and computers. The switch came immediately after Swinney thanked God but, for those wondering, it appeared to be a mistake on the part of Bristol. The anchors weren’t even aware they were on TV for nearly 15 seconds, making for some very awkward viewing at home.

The broadcast would eventually return to the conclusion of Swinney’s interview, but by then everyone was too amused and/or confused at the studio live shot and how uncomfortable it was. That is certainly one way to suck the air out of a very exciting postgame hit.