ESPN’s Fantasy Football Show Discussed Injuries In The Creepiest Manner Possible

Fantasy football is a big industry, and it’s a beast that feeds itself at this point in our modern world. Football news is fantasy football news, and though the health of a player on a team you root for is important, the injuries to players on your fantasy team are also important to millions of fans.

That’s never been more clear than on Tuesday, when ESPN brought out people in skeleton and muscle costumes to show off football injuries in a bizarre new way. The clip that was circulating the Internet on Tuesday featured the fantasy football crew discussing David Johnson’s injury, a devastating report for fantasy owners who took the running back first overall in their leagues.

Then, a person in a full-body skeleton costume shuffles into frame like a skeleton might do in a Looney Tunes episode, placing its right hand on the table.

What exactly was the process that took place from a production standpoint? Did someone command an intern to go to one of those temporary Halloween stores and get the most anatomically correct costume an Amex gift card can buy? Who is in the costume? IS IT ADRIAN WOJNAROWSKI?

Don’t worry, it got creepier. If you have a player suffer any kind of muscle injury you might want to huck your television into a ravine and go live in the woods for a while.

“WHY?” you try to scream again and again, but nothing comes out of your mouth as you watch the GIF that will haunt your nightmares forever.

But seriously, if you drafted Johnson your face probably does look like this after Week 1.

Maybe this show is realistic after all.