ESPN MLB Reporter Jeff Passan Bodied Jacob Wohl’s Dad On Twitter

Jeff Passan seems like a pretty nice guy and is perhaps the best Major League Baseball insider in the game today. He’s also very good at Twitter, where he is known for RKO’ing people who pop up into his mentions with nonsense with a directness that you normally don’t see from people at ESPN. (Well, unless they’re emailing a United States Senator from Missouri, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Anyway, Passan tweeted out some details about New York Mets acting general manager Zack Scott getting arrested for drunk driving, which was reported earlier in the day on Wednesday by the New York Post. The details weren’t great: According to Passan, Scott was at the home of team owner Steve Cohen earlier in the night for a big fundraiser that included a number of players in attendance.

The replies featured a bunch of people making fun of the Mets, but also, a man by the name of David Wohl, who accused Passan of trying to smear Cohen, somehow.

Now, Wohl’s son is a man by the name of Jacob Wohl, a well-documented right wing grifter who is facing a number of criminal and civil lawsuits (along with a potential record fine from the FCC) relating to a widespread robocall scam that looked to suppress turnout in the 2020 presidential election, specifically in Black communities. Passan understands this and decided to bring the thunder.

I am going to be honest, I did not expect Jacob Wohl’s dad getting viciously dunked on by Jeff Passan over the New York Mets to be a thing that happened when I woke up this morning, but here we are.