ESPN Has Finally Set An Official End Date For ‘Mike And Mike’

07.17.17 9 months ago


When ESPN announced their new television programming lineup for 2018 would include a solo show for Mike Greenberg, fans of ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike knew the end of the show was near. The two made the official announcement of their impending breakup back in May, but even then it was a brief note about the show coming to an end at a yet to be determined date later in 2017.

Since then, there have been rumors that the two hosts don’t get along off the set, although both have publicly denied that there is a serious rift between them in their personal lives. The tension, whether as significant as reported or not, was evident in that announcement when Mike Golic seemed to not want to even discuss the decision, saying it was “someone else’s story to tell,” as to why the show was ending.

For the past two months since they made the official announcement, the show has gone on as usual, with the end date approaching but no one knowing exactly when that would be. Until now.

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