ESPN’s New TV Show Lineup Launch Has Been Pushed Back Due To Studio Construction

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ESPN made waves back in May 2017 when they announced plans for their new morning television lineup, headlined by Mike Greenberg’s new morning show that precipitated the breakup of the Mike & Mike radio show.

The original start date for those new shows was to be Jan. 1, 2018. It’s now Jan. 2, 2018 and those shows remain in the hopper without an official announcement regarding their start date. However, on Tuesday we finally received an explanation for what’s caused the delay for ESPN’s new lineup and an approximation of when they might hit the air.

Pablo Torre, one half of the new much-anticipated hour-long show with Bomani Jones that will air at noon on ESPN, responded to one of the many fans asking what’s going on with their show with some new revelations and a general idea of how long the delay is going to last.

The New York TV studio has been something of a thorn in the side of ESPN since its announcement, as the optics of the new multi-million dollar studio in New York City weren’t great in the face of so many cutbacks and layoffs that hit the company in multiple rounds. Now it appears the studio’s construction has become a bit of an issue and it won’t be done for another few months. How quickly the new shows can hit the ground running and go live after that space is finished is unknown, but considering the investment by ESPN one would expect them to try and expedite that process.

When a fan responded that April is too long to wait, Torre noted that’s how everyone feels about it, but he did offer a glimmer of hope for those anxiously awaiting Jones and Torre content that they might start doing some digital video prior to the launch of their TV show. In any case, this provides some answers to a question that had, to this point, been confounding to many.