03.17.07 11 years ago

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald (last item), ESPN will carry the USA Rock Paper Scissors League Championship this year.  RPS is not a sport you say?  Let's look to the With Leather Employee Handbook written by the Chief for clarification:

A "sport" meets the following criteria:

  1. The event is a physical contest  and
  2. The event is sponsored by an alcoholic beverage and
  3. The event  is attended or supported by sexy people.

Since USARPS has a contest for 'official RPS Girls', is sponsored by Bud Light, and requires some (albeit minimal) arm motion to throw the implement of your choice, this qualifies as a sport dear reader.  Expect much more coverage of the RPS League from your ever-thorough Assistant Editor now that we have established that it is indeed a sport and because the lovely Alexandra (pictured) has catapulted to #5 on the KD Dream-Mistress List.

Happy St. Patrick's Day – that's all I've got for today as the Jameson and Redheads have put me in the mood for love.  See you in the Police Blotter. -KD

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