ESPN Has Pulled Sponsored Daily Fantasy Segments From Their Shows

10.06.15 4 years ago 2 Comments
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Finally, something about DraftKings and Fanduel the American public can be happy about. After the recent scandal exposed insider trading between the two companies, ESPN announced that they are removing the sections of broadcasts that were sponsored by the companies.

Daily Fantasy Sports has become a plague. Despite being essentially just a legal form of gambling on sports, the two most prominent companies (DraftKings and Fanduel, as if you needed me to remind you) have bombarded what feels like the entire world with an advertising campaign more intense than the London blitzkrieg of promoted tweets, Facebook ads, billboards, background ads, radio spots, pop-up ads and at least two commercials every single commercial break. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had subliminal messages at this point. It’s the most irritating ad campaign in the entire country right now. It’s impossible to go a day without seeing an ad for either DraftKings or Fanduel. It’s a nightmare. But seriously, you could win thousands of dollars just like this random guy (who is not an actor) by playing DraftKings. Just set your lineup and BURN IT ALL TO THE GROUND. BURN THEM. BURN THEM ALL. ALL MUST PERISH IN THE CLEANSING FLAME.

This announcement is a small victory. It doesn’t mean ESPN pulled their commericals, or website ads, but they will no longer have segments on their broadcasts sponsored by Daily Fantasy Sports companies. The DFS demons have already paid too much money to ESPN for them to pull everything. But for all of us drowning in the sea of advertisements, a small little raft to keep us afloat just a bit longer is welcome.

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