ESPN Will Hold A 12-Hour Serena Williams Marathon

With COVID-19 postponing or outright canceling essentially everything the world of sports, there has been an empty gap that has needed to be filled for television networks like ESPN. They’ve found some creative ways to fill these gaps, with things like the return of ESPN 8: The Ocho, but that can only fill so much time.

It’s forced ESPN to get creative, which has led to some pretty incredible results. While much of the focus has been on the cancellation of March Madness, suspensions of the NBA/NHL seasons, and a delay in the start of Major League Baseball, the lack of a sport like tennis hasn’t received as much attention. But for those of us missing tennis, ESPN has our backs with a Serena Williams marathon that will take place later this week.

The Williams moments ESPN will show span 15 years, all of them highlighting the dominancy and longevity that has been display over the course of her career. Tennis is a sport where players can burn bright, only to fade just as quickly as they rose. Williams, however, has kept going and continues to be one of the best tennis players in the world. She rose to the apex of the sport in 2003, when she won her first career Grand Slam, and has remained there ever since. This ESPN marathon will be a joyful trip down memory lane at a time when sports fans could certainly use that.