ESPN Talks To Tito Ortiz And Rampage Jackson, Has No Idea What They’re Up To

In case you missed it, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson signed with a thing called ‘Bellator,’ which allowed him to also make appearances on a different thing called ‘Impact Wrestling.’ Similarly, another former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Tito Ortiz, signed with Bellator, started making appearances on wrestling and is scheduled to fight Rampage on pay-per-view on November 2. It’s a thing.

When I say “in case you missed it,” the “you” is ESPN, a Worldwide Leader In Sports. Sure, ESPN has no reason to know what Impact Wrestling is — wrestling fans have no reason to know what Impact Wrestling is — but you’d figure they’d know what Bellator is, with it having been on ESPN Deportes and all. But lo, in ESPNese “UFC” is synonymous with “MMA,” so when Rampage and Ortiz went on SportsCenter to promote Bellator they were simply billed as “UFC Stars.” Whoops!

Here’s a screengrab, courtesy of Reddit:

Man, Tito wore a suit for this?

I want ESPN to bring on Gina Carano to promote her crummy Taken knock-off and have the announcer be all, “so how are things going in Strikeforce?” Better yet, “how are things going on American Gladiators,” because LOL at SportsCenter knowing what a Strikeforce was outside of a Ronda Rousey puff-piece cue card.