Ethiopian Goalkeeper Goes Full Captain Falcon To Prevent Goal


The short version of the story is that Zambia and Ethiopia squared off in the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament, Zambia’s Chisamba Lungu tried to score a goal, and Ethiopia’s goaltender stopped it by saying nuts to the ball and just giving Lungu a flying bicycle kick to the lungs. Soccer guys are dirty as hell, and we know this.

The longer version is the amazing YouTube description:

The match saw the first that was held today as part of the third group of the African Cup of Nations, which brought together champions Zambia against Ethiopia exciting incident where the goalkeeper Ethiopian “Taceo beauty” violent intervention Zambian player “Cesamba Longo” and that cost him the package.

In addition to the expulsion, Ethiopian goalkeeper was injured and was forced out of the field through mobile phones. The match ended in a 1/1, which is positive for the Ethiopian team.

What do you think is worse, a violent intervention costing you the package, or being forced off the field through a mobile phone?

Either way, I’m going to become a soccer star and demand people refer to me as the “Taco Beauty.”

[h/t to Los That Sports]