Did Genie Bouchard’s Black Bra Really Break Wimbledon’s All-White Rule?

Genie Bouchard
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Wimbledon has always been very concerned with the clothing of its competitors. Their all-white rule dates all the way back to the 1800s when the sport was primarily played at social gatherings. But in the last few years, Wimbledon has taken it a step too far, telling players that the brims of hats and bottom of shoes must also be white. On Tuesday, Canada’s Eugenie Bouchard was penalized for her black sports bra that was worn underneath her white sports bra.

We’ve reached the nadir of Wimbledon, everyone.

Can you spot it? I looked through 24 photos and could barely make it out.

Not here.

Eugenie Bouchard black bra 1
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Certainly not here.

Genie Bouchard black bra
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And oh, there it is, magnified 300x.

Genie Bouchard black bra 2
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Wimbledon’s new rules, by the way:

But this year, a 10-part decree was introduced in the competitors’ guide stating that “white does not include off-white or cream” and allowing only “a single trim of color no wider than one centimeter.” The almost-all-white rule now explicitly covers caps, headbands, bandannas, wristbands, shoes and even “any undergarments that either are or can be visible during play (including due to perspiration).”

Also, in real tennis news, Genie Bouchard lost to 117th-ranked Ying-Ying in straight sets. Her disastrous 2015 campaign continues as she falls to 8-14 on the season.

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