What If Europe's Top Football Clubs Got The American Sports Logo Treatment?

As the New York Knicks showed everyone with the hiring of Phil Jackson as the team’s new Chief of Saving All the Crap that James Dolan Destroyed, there’s not a thing that professional American sports franchises won’t try to profit from. Before yesterday’s press conference even started, there were brand new Phil Jackson Knicks shirseys available online and in stores, because what teenage Knicks fan wouldn’t want to celebrate a guy who played for the franchise in the 70s before becoming a living legend as the coach of two other teams?

So as much as I’d love to fire back at the folks from Bwin for designing the “European World Series Cup of Soccer,” or a series of sports logos for Europe’s top football clubs as if they’d been created by “American marketing men,” I can’t because I’d honestly like to own a few of these on phys. ed. grey t-shirts. What can I say? Most of us American sports fans are neither proud nor frugal when it comes to the age old tradition of updating logos for the sake of selling more crap.