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Evel Knievel, the late daredevil who took pride in his scrapes with the law, was nearly indicted by the federal government, according to the 290-page report the FBI compiled on him.  Along with possible ties to a crime syndicate, Knievel’s bread and butter seemed to be kicking the shit out of people:

His most well-known run-in with the law was a 1977 attack on movie studio executive Shelly Saltman, whom the daredevil beat with a baseball bat in the parking lot of 20th Century Fox.

Saltman promoted Knievel’s infamous attempt to jump Idaho’s Snake River Canyon and then wrote a book about the experience, angering Knievel by portraying him as “an alcoholic, a pill addict, an anti-Semite and an immoral person.” Knievel was sentenced to six months in jail and Saltman won a $12.75 million judgment, but never collected…

Knievel’s file shows investigators believed he was involved with other violent acts — a threat in Phoenix, an attack in a Kansas City hotel room and a vicious beating in San Francisco. All were allegedly carried out by Knievel associates, according to subjects quoted in the file.

Yeah!  What an awesome badass!  It’s like that old saying: revenge is a dish best served in public, as you assault them with a baseball bat at their place of employ.  Well done, Evel.  That guy was a real class act.  Not like those thugs O.J. Simpson and Lawrence Phillips.  Evel’s totally different, in that he didn’t play football and was… uh… how do I put this delicately?  I believe the term is “white.”


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