Even Detroit Hates Detroit

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01.10.12 5 Comments

Jokes about how Detroit is poor and sad are nothing new. The area has been ravaged by an economic downturn, lower versus lowest class warfare and “people from Michigan” for years. Hell, even the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism videos end with an affirming “we’re not Detroit”, so it seems a little like kicking a man while he’s down to hear Lions cornerback Aaron Berry react to an asshole-stomping from the New Orleans Saints by telling the city he plays for to go f**k itself with a double-wide. But, here we are.

With a hobo hat-tip to Shutdown Corner:

There’s a reason we have an ATHLETES SHOULD NOT HAVE TWITTER tag. Like every unpopular tweet from a popular person, this one was taken down quickly (maybe he was hacked~) and an almost Faulknerian apology was issued. See if you can pinpoint the moment when the big WOOP WOOP hypocrisy alarms go off:

“I apologize to my loyal fans for my tweet…jus disgusting how ppl can get when they don’t know nothin at all…”

I like how “loyal fans” are always getting apologized to. The modern celebrity’s interpretation of loyalty is basically the people who do whatever you say and tell you you’re great non-stop, regardless of whether you cheated or punched your girlfriend in the face while you were driving a car or acted like a teenager on the Internet. I think the disloyal fans are the ones who deserve an apology … or at least the ones who drop fifty bucks to get into Ford Field and pray to God the Lions 1) win, 2) lose and make a conscious decision not to live-blog it.

Mlive.com has a nice list of varying Lions reactions, from Alphonso Smith’s “Before you say anything crazy or ignorant please know your “coverages” first just a friendly reminder!!! now fire away!!!” to Cliff Avril’s “Blocking all ignorance…”, and as you read you go frame by frame and see the exact moment when Lions PR sent out a mass e-mail reading JUST THANK THEM FOR THEIR SUPPORT AND STOP TYPING.

But no, seriously, thank you for your support, you vagrant wanderers!

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