Everybody Hates Boise State…But Not Really

09.01.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

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I’m not big on “FJM-ing” other columnists; those people are entitled to their opinions and the points of view that they wish to represent in their work. But I about sh*t a brick when I read Dan Wetzel’s take on why Boise State suddenly turned into college football’s New York Yankees.

Fast forward five seasons and Boise State is bigger, better and suddenly no longer so popular. In some circles, they’ve become the most hated – or at least rooted against – team in America. Move over Notre Dame.

Boise State? Hated more than Notre Dame?! Are you sh*tting me?

As the 2010 season kicks off this week however, fans of teams from major conferences, especially ones with realistic championship chances, increasingly see Boise as something other than a plucky underdog. The Broncos are a team that, based on a favorable schedule, may have found an inside, and potentially unworthy, route to win a national title.

Wrong wrong wrong. Way to gloss over the fact that NOBODY WILL PUT BOISE STATE ON THEIR SCHEDULE. Everyone understands this. Everyone but Dan Wetzel, apparently.

Yet if you want to complain about the fortuitous spot the Broncos have put themselves in, don’t direct the venom at coach Chris Petersen’s program.

Really? You mean in the way that you just tried to direct it there?

Try shouting at the major conference commissioners who run the BCS and continue to cling to a system that may blow up in their face.

Because they’re the greatest of listeners. Look, just read the whole thing. It sort of devolves into the typical “Wah wah I hate the BCS” type of column. Yeah, we get it. You hate the BCS. You want a playoff, and while many of us share that sentiment, nobody wants to hear it incessantly. Boise State has to be considered one of the country’s elite football programs. Just because they’re not in the BCS Club doesn’t make their opportunity (or their path) to a national championship any less valid. Most of us understand that. Dan Wetzel should start.

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