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I haven’t done the math yet, but I figure I was a fan of US Men’s National Team (MNT) for about two months and change. Well, the MNT outbreak seems to be finally contained as the Men’s took on Mexico in New Jersey yesterday. And like so many other things coming out of New Jersey, this wasn’t pretty–Mexico crushed us, 5-0:

The United States, fielding a raw squad after the top team finished second in the Confederations Cup last month, could not maintain American dominance of its continental rival. Not even close.

“We were chasing the game a lot in the second half, and it tired us out,” said forward Brian Ching, a regular with the ‘A’ team who missed the Confederations Cup with an injury. “Look at anybody in the United States and this loss has to anger you.” via.

Eh, for me to get angry, I really have to care. And let me see if I can…wait a minute…no, I just can’t bring myself to care enough. To reiterate, this was not the same team that was kicking ass in South Africa; this is a new group of dudes. But still: this was Mexico’s first win against the States since 1999. I mean, if you don’t count smuggling one-fifth of their population over our southern border a victory.

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