Everybody Really Wants Craig Sager To Get Better And Come Back Soon

04.21.14 4 years ago

The 2013-14 NBA Playoffs are underway, but they don’t necessarily feel complete to a lot of us basketball fans. It was recently revealed that TNT’s lovable and vibrant sideline reporter is battling acute myeloid leukemia, which has obviously made him absent from the network’s NBA coverage. To remind us that a game like basketball is so insignificant in the grand scheme, when someone that people consider such a good friend or family member is suffering, TNT kicked off its playoff coverage yesterday with some kind words and a very appropriate tribute to Sager, while wishing him the best in his battle.

As you can see in the banner image, the TNT studio crew and Chris Paul weren’t alone, as longtime Sager friend and Chicago Bulls mascot Benny the Bull also let the reporter know that he was thinking of him. But when it comes to Sager, what people love the most about him, aside from those amazing suits, is the way that he and San Antonio Spurs Coach and International Man of Charisma Gregg Popovich really merge into one great shining orb of chemistry. TNT had Craig Sager Jr. handle the duty of interviewing Pop yesterday, and even coach was able to push basketball aside to focus on what is most important.

Hell, even Steve Kerr and Marv Albert showed their love for Sager, as they wore their best goofy suits while providing play-by-play. I’m still a little disappointed, though, that Albert didn’t wear a pastel gimp mask.

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