01.15.09 9 years ago 17 Comments

Everyone has hated the stupid FOX Sports robot — “Cleatus” — ever since it debuted, and FOX doesn’t get abused for it the way they should. Cleatus has absolutely nothing to do with football, he’s completely irrelevant and the opposite of charming, and from what I can tell he exists primarily so FOX can sell some toys.  So Conan O’Brien came up with the idea of Cleatus doing things like humping Pam Oliver and making out with another robot.  It’s not quite as awesome as Cleatus murdering and raping the FOX studio crew, but hey, it’s network television.  They can only do so much.

For the record, Conan should have shivved Jay Leno and taken over The Tonight Show years ago so I could actually be awake when he does stuff like this.  And also because who doesn’t want to see Jay Leno shivved?

(This clip was first noticed by Awful Announcing, but NBC keeps being a bitch and pulling it from YouTube, so it took a while to get it together here)

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