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College football’s national signing day was yesterday, and although nobody knows why they have it so close to the end of the season, or why it’s a single day, most people seem to agree that the teams of the Southeastern Conference were the big winners. Five SEC programs made the top ten of both Rivals’ and ESPN‘s recruiting rankings, and Florida’s class was ranked No. 1 by ESPN and Scout.

When Urban Meyer announced he was leaving Florida because of health concerns Dec. 26, it sent shockwaves through college football and into the living rooms of a number of the nation’s top recruits. The Gators already had assembled one of the nation’s best recruiting classes, but many prospects feared what a future without Meyer would bring in Gainesville.

Meyer is known for pouring his heart and soul into the relationships with his players and recruits. Consequently, he quickly changed his mind and decided he would not retire. Instead, Meyer said he would take a short leave of absence – which he said would begin today and end before the start of spring practice. –Rivals

Rivals had Florida ranked first before bumping Meyer’s program to make room for…Southern Cal?! Apparently Lane Kiffin secured commitments from five 4-star recruits as the day wound down, bolstering the Trojans’ incoming class. As for Kiffin’s former program, only Scout had Tennessee out of their top ten. Which would have been better if Auburn, Alabama and LSU weren’t ahead of them. Oh, to be ranked in the top ten nationally, but only fifth in your own conference. I think I just heard Verne Lundquist reach climax.

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