Everyone Passed On This Jay Cutler Autographed Football At Auction

And the hits just keep on coming for Jay Cutler.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a football signed by the Bears quarterback didn’t get a single bid at a charity auction on March 26th. The starting price was $100. The cost of an authentic NFL football from Wilson runs around $100-150 on Amazon. So technically, this was a steal – minus the whole autograph part.

“When it came back, I was surprised it didn’t go, but I didn’t think it was because of who signed the football,” said Anti-Cruelty Society president Dr. Robyn Barbiers. She added that the attendees weren’t exactly “a football crowd.”

After the auction, someone stepped forward and bought the ball for $100. He said it was for “his son.” Props to Kristin Cavallari for stepping out of her comfort zone and pretending to be a man. Her acting’s much, much better these days.