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New revelations in the awesomeness that is Terrence Kiel's life: many of his problems, such as the ongoing federal investigation of his alleged codeine-shipping, are from massive gambling losses, with records showing "dozens of cash transactions of at least $10,000 each at area casinos." Hooray, gambling!

Officials were told in their investigation that gambling is “exactly what caused the problem, that he was in over his head because he gambles too much.”

In Kiel's defense, though, what's he supposed to do when he goes to the casino? Not gamble? Pfft.

Kiel, 26, is due in court today for a trial readiness hearing on five felony charges related to the cough syrup matter.

Best. Sentence. Ever. 

Said General Manager A.J. Smith: “We are very much aware of Terrence's personal and legal situation. We think it's best he addresses them, not us.”

Smith (probably) then added, "It's Chargers team policy to quickly distance ourselves from any wrongdoing. Unless that player is an All-Pro and/or gets caught doing steroids." Sounds like Kiel has a new door to pee on next time he's drunk.

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