Evil Genius To Save 2022 World Cup

Senior Writer
03.25.11 5 Comments

We were certainly quick to call the decision to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar corrupt and ridiculous bullsh*t, but it turns out that the country’s deep-pocketed leaders may be on track to producing the most fan-friendly event in the history of the sport. While I’m not sure that you can beat people being bludgeoned with vuvuzelas for excitement, Qatar University scientists claim that in addition to featuring ice cold air conditioning in the stadium, they have also invented synthetic clouds that can cover the area and keep temperatures cool.

That’s right – they’ve invented a weather controlling device.

Saud Abdul Ghani, head of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Qatar University, said: “Artificial cloud will move by remote control, made of 100% light carbonic materials, fuelled by four solar-powered engines and it will fly high to protect direct and indirect sun rays to control temperatures at the open playgrounds.” (Via ESPN Soccernet)


World Cup officials were initially concerned that Qatar’s summer season would be unbearably hot for visiting fans, and there have even been discussions of scheduling the World Cup in the winter instead of the summer. But then I imagine that Qatar’s president fanned them with a few stacks of money and said, “See? It’s not hot here, it’s perfect!”

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