Excuse Me, Coming Through

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10.18.10 10 Comments

I was going to write a post boasting about how the Florida Gators have lost three games in a row for the first time since 1988 and how only scoring 7 points against Mississippi State is such a UCF thing to do*, but then I was lambasted by some of my Gators friends via email and Facebook and I decided that I will let the lizards stew in their own sucky juices for a few more weeks until they inevitably wind up playing UCF in the Liberty Bowl in Memphis and pay me back for my dickish ways.

Anywho, in female high school athlete news, a girl on a track team was recently minding her own business, walking across a track when she was unexpectedly BAM! YOU GOT RUN THE F*CK OVER, SISTER!

Chick Gets Run Over Crossing Track – Watch more Funny Videos

*UCF only scored 6 points when they played MSU. Stupid Gators.

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