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Former soccer great Paul Gascoigne, best known around these parts for being stepfather to beach frolicker and drunk driver Bianca (pictured above, hard at work), has ended up in the hospital for being some combination of drunk and insane.  I'd be more specific, but it's hard to decipher things written in British.

A Hertfordshire force spokesman said: "Police were called just after 12.30pm on Sunday following a report that a 42-year-old man had approached a member of the public who was unknown to him, appearing unwell and in an agitated state in Hemel Hempstead. Officers arrived and accompanied the man to hospital so he could be checked over. He was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.''

The troubled former Tottenham, Lazio and Rangers player was previously sectioned under the Act in February… Although it is believed his condition has fallen lately and incidents, such as paying £10,000 for a loaf of bread, have been reported in the national papers.

At the weekend Anna Gascoigne spoke of her fears that her brother would die if he was not sectioned. In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, she pleaded with fans not to buy the star a drink, saying: "You will have blood on your hands.''

Are you kidding?  A former sports star willing to pay $20K for a loaf of bread if you just buy him drinks?  That's not blood on your hands.  That's a bloody good time.

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