‘Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing’ Exists And It Is Basically What You’d Expect

On one hand, you could describe this video for something called “Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing” as an effort in grown men showcasing their athletic abilities in racing by keeping their balance in otherwise ridiculously small “vehicles.” Riders Braden Crosby, James Wilson, Nate Whitlatch, Matt Morowetz, Tyler Ransdell and Curtis Dutson each picked out their very own Barbie Jeep, and one dude went with the Cadillac Escalade version, because somebody always has to be the coolest guy at the party.

On the other and much more realistic hand, “Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing” was just an excuse for a group of guys to take our favorite childhood motorized vehicles and “drive” them down a hill, so they could all fall over and possibly hurt themselves, but look cool and hilarious while doing it.

Either way, I appreciate these men and their sacrifices.