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Philly fans pelted her with bottles” title=”Philly fans pelted her with bottles” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

Thousands of sports dorks saw a woman in a bra for the first time when this woman streaked at last night's Rockies-Phillies game (Philly won, by the way).  And by "streaked" I mean she ran around in more clothes than Hooters waitresses, anyone on spring break, or your mom. 

Fortunately for us, reader Jeepster was at the game, and he provides us with such a detailed description of the event that we hardly need the photograph.

I was at the Rockies/Phillies game tonight where Manny Corpas put on a clinic on how to blow a lead. Runners on second and third, we [I think Jeepster plays for the Rockies – Ed.] intentionally walk the #4 hitter with a .180 BA, so we can try to get a double play ball from the next batter, who is hitting .348. Of course he hits a triple. Fucking Rockies.

I think it was the seventh or eighth, but there was a very busty woman who entered the field, ripped off her shirt, then ran across the outfield, boobs bouncing in her bra the whole way. She got stopped in centerfield, where she was escorted off.

I guess the first part of this was shown on TV, but they cut away pretty quickly. I'm not sure if there were any readers paying attention with cameras. I just got a shitty cell phone pic from the club level, not a good quality pic.

Amazing, right?  I feel like I was there in the stands.  I can especially visualize the boobs bouncing.  Although that's probably from the years of practice I've had.  And one day, I hope to successfully touch a pair.  You know, without someone calling for the police.

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