Ezekiel Elliott Accused A Lions Lineman Of Playing ‘Dirty’ Because He’s Still ‘Salty’ From College

Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys continued their run of dominance on Monday night over the Detroit Lions, beating them down 42-21 with 80 yards and two touchdowns from Zeke. The Cowboys are young and good, which means they like to stunt on their opponents, and opponents don’t like that very much. Lions DT A’Shawn Robinson took out his frustration with a piledrive on Elliott, for which he was hit with a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty. Elliott wasn’t surprised at the move, and he told reporters afterward why he thought it happened.

“He was being dirty all game long,” the Cowboys running back responded. “I think he’s just a little bit salty from that Sugar Bowl win we got against them in New Orleans two years ago. It’s whatever. Let him do what he wants to do.”

Robinson was on the Alabama team that Elliott’s Ohio State Buckeyes beat in the 2015 Sugar Bowl, and it does make one wonder how much guys care about college once they make it to the NFL. Elliott’s continued allegiance to Ohio State has been public enough to be notable this season, but not every athlete flies his alma mater’s flag in the pros. It’s plausible enough that Robinson holds some resentment for being denied the national title, but equally as plausible he no longer cares, and was just pissed that the Cowboys had taken the lead on his Lions.

(Via Dallas SportsDay)