Ezekiel Elliott’s Twitter Roast Of Jim Harbaugh Will Give Ohio State Fans The Last Laugh

ezekiel elliott jim harbaugh
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For some devoted fans, college football never stops. Sure, there hasn’t been a game that’s counted in two months, and won’t be for months more, but that’s what things like recruitment and spring practices are for — to feed the rabid fan’s obsession and keep college teams in the limelight. And no one knows that better than Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. His recruiting stunts and controversial spring practice in Florida have kept the Wolverines front-and-center during the offseason, which is a great thing for recruiting.

Of course, when you push the envelope for national attention, not everything you hear is going to be positive. Ohio State AD Gene Smith, no friend to Harbaugh already, used the spring practice as an opportunity to diminish the Wolverines.

Yes, Ohio State has enjoyed primacy in one of the biggest rivalries in American sports for years now, but Smith knows as well as you or I that under Harbaugh, it’s a new day in Ann Arbor. And with that new day comes an absolutely spot-on comeback from the coach:

Oh, man. That is a five-alarm burn. Smith was the AD when OSU players were caught getting free tattoos, a seemingly-minor offense that was so poorly handled, it resulted in a bowl ban, a vacating of wins, and the resignation of title-winning head coach Jim Tressel. That’s why people in glass houses filled with NCAA violations don’t throw stones. But don’t worry, Gene — Ezekiel Elliott may have left school to go pro, but he’s still got your back.

No better way to shut down an argument than to call, “Scoreboard.” Now, let’s all return to our regularly-scheduled March Madness programming.