Facebook Stalking Actually Works

06.24.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

–via Chicago Tribune

Soccer players have been notorious for having some of the hottest WAGs in the world, but they usually don’t need help from Facebook. Chicago Fire defender Krzysztof Krol was crowned the grand master of Facebook when he recently started dating Playboy model Patrycja Mikula. How did he score such an awesome date? He got her phone number off her Facebook page. Take it from here, Puppet LeBron.

And here I was, thinking that looking for love on the internet was for pederasts and ugly people. The two Poles certainly made me look stupid, when they were married at Chicago’s City Hall earlier this week.

Fire defender Krzysztof Krol called the phone number on Patrycja Mikula’s Facebook page in May even though he’d never met the Playboy model. Less than two months later, Krol and Mikula were saying “I do.”

The Polish couple got married on Thursday at Chicago’s City Hall, seven weeks after they began dating. They plan on having a church wedding in Chicago in December after the Major League Soccer season. –The Chicago Tribune via Sports Illustrated

Call me old fashioned, but marrying a girl you’ve only known for seven weeks has to be one of the worst ideas of all time. Although, if I was playing in the MLS, I wouldn’t be comforted knowing that she wasn’t going out with me for the money. I don’t think the guys on Real Salt Lake could swing the VIP booth at Applebee’s. The article also explains how the two have already gotten their significant other’s name tattooed on their left arm, and how Patrycja’s ex is former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski.

Normally, marrying your seven week girlfriend you met on Facebook, who happens to be the ex-lover of guy who beats the shit out of people for a living, would be a questionable life decision. Not when the girl in question looks like this. Then it’s probably the best idea of all time. She should consider modeling Bad Idea Jeans, but thinking of good ideas for Bad Idea Jeans makes my head hurt. Their first ad campaign after the jump.

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