Facebook Is Bidding To Stream ‘Thursday Night Football’

03.08.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

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It’s possible two of the most terrible things in your life — Facebook and Thursday Night Football — will join forces. The social-media platform is planning to bid on the rights to stream the least interesting NFL game every week. Facebook’s Vice President of Partnerships, Dan Rose, told Variety his company is in the mix.

Regarding the NFL, which is shopping an over-the-top package for next season anchored by “Thursday Night Football” games, Rose said, “We’ll see” if Facebook ends up landing those rights. Other bidders include Amazon.com and Verizon, according to industry sources.

Beyond live game broadcasts, Facebook also would be interested in serving up additional content before or after games in the locker room, behind the scenes or on the field itself. “There’s a lot of interesting things we can do with sports,” Rose said. He added, “If you think about how people engage on Facebook today, it’s not really around watching three hours of video.”

That last quote isn’t exactly enthusiasm for airing Thursday Night Football but it’s great to know Facebook is interested in the NFL. Because if there’s one thing that sports league needs, it’s more exposure and money. And if there’s one thing your Facebook feed needs, it’s your uncle using a TNF clip to show why Cam Newton’s celebration is ruining the NFL and you should vote for Donald Trump to fix it.

(Via Variety)

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