Faces Of ‘Freude: Poor, Poor Derek Dooley

10.01.12 6 years ago

My friends and I were joking this weekend, as I struggled through watching the UCF Knights blow their game against the Missouri Tigers and the Miami Dolphins really blow their game against the Arizona Cardinals, that I could just do these Faces of ‘Freude (new name, this one’s sticking) posts with pictures of me screaming at bar TVs for three hours every Saturday and Sunday. And yeah, once the Orlando Magic season starts, I may be able to power the entire planet with just my rage. But I’m not sure the world is ready for so many pictures of how handsome I am.
Thankfully, we have Derek Dooley and his derpy dome to fill the void. On the surface, a 3-2 record shouldn’t have a team’s fans searching for the world’s tallest bridge, but Dooley’s Tennessee Volunteers dropped to 0-2 in the SEC after yesterday’s exciting 51-44 loss to the Georgia Bulldogs. I like Dooley and I don’t have any problems with the Vols, so I think it’s encouraging that they’re putting up such a good fight. Hopefully they’ll start winning more so fans can finish washing away the Lane Kiffin stink.
But in the meantime, keep baking those frownies, college football fans.

(Banner , screen caps via my neighbor’s pool boy, ParadigmShift, of Twitter and Throw the Flag fame.)
Trust me, guys. I feel your pain.
( )
Then there’s Captain Victory here, as Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes peed on the leg of every Michigan State fan by squeaking out a 17-16 win. UGH.
Damn it, Mark Dantonio. You had one job to do. Hey, you look at me when I’m wagging my finger at you through the Internet.
Much better.
Meanwhile, congrats to this Ohio State fan on his millions of dollars.
Seriously, this is my submission for the Sports Couple of the Year.
No Dairy Queen for you guys after the game.
The tiara on the right makes this picture so amazing.
( )
This is my favorite picture of the week because 1) this play was incredible, 2) that guy in the middle is having the most appropriate reaction to the one-handed touchdown catch, 3) Middle Tennessee State had at least three Play of the Year qualifiers in this game, because those guys were playing balls-out football, and 4) I got crap on Twitter because I said that the Georgia Tech uniforms, and they are.
( )

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