11.06.08 9 years ago 6 Comments

For those of you New Yorkers not going to the Steinberg-Magary-Bissinger toolfest tonight, I’d like to recommend a much nobler cause than getting drunk and hoping for angry outbursts from Pulitzer winners: the Doodle for Hunger charity auction benefiting Capuchin Food Pantries.

As you can see from the above selection of works by famous athletes, this may be your only chance to own a shitty drawing of a stick figure playing football.  Unless you know a five-year-old.  And, although it wasn’t unveiled at Capuchin’s website, there will also be a masterpiece from Eli Manning (see final item).

For next year’s show, I’d like to nominate Brady Quinn and Michael Strahan.  Just because there’s something really enjoyable about seeing pro athletes being absolutely terrible at something.  Well, terrible at something besides wearing condoms.

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