Failed Cincinnati Trumpet Player: Still Sounds Better Than Anything At The VMAs

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.07.12 7 Comments

Cincinnati hosted Pitt on Thursday night, and while a 34-10 Panthers loss may seem like the biggest fail of the evening, it’s got stiff competition from a Bearcats trumpet player.

As the video illustrates, this poor guy opened the game a la Paul Blart by spectacularly falling down a flight of steps, losing the mouthpiece of his trumpet, going out onto the field for pre-game anyway and spending the entire time helplessly fingering along. The look on his face is a great combination of steely perseverance and “oh god I’m about to crap my pants with embarrassment”. I appreciate his stick-to-itiveness, but damn, one trumpet isn’t a big deal, when you careen down some stadium stairs and faceplant on the turf it may be a sign for you to log-roll away in shamed silence and let the rest of the band handle it.

Regardless, we salute you, brave Cincinnati trumpet player. The next time I’m going through the motions hoping nobody notices, I’ll think of you.

[via Kegs N’ Eggs]

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