09.11.07 11 years ago 24 Comments

Not to bring you down further on this somber 9/11 anniversary, but SPORTSbyBROOKS (that's ALLCAPSnoSPACES) is reporting that famed FSU Cowgirl and Internet phenomenon turned pin-up model turned SI.com columnist Jenn Sterger has been fired from the "two-letter."

I've never quite understood why the backlash against Sterger was so pronounced.  Everyone was all, "She just got the job because she's hot" and "She's not even that hot."  And — this is gonna be hard for you to believe — but I've even read diatribes against her breast implants.  As if they were bad.  What a bunch of homos.  Like it's some kind of surprise that attractive people get jobs.  It's no secret that's how I got this gig.  With Leather just wouldn't be a credible source of judgment if I weren't so attractive.

Anyway, good luck, Jenn.  Enjoy your new gig at NFL Gridiron Gab, and I hope to see you in a reality show soon.  And remember, if it doesn't work out… two words: Sex. Tape.

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