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The large man in the background is Batista from WWE, and up until Sunday night, he was that promotion’s main champion. At least I think so; they have like 35 belts now, so it’s hard to tell. Anyway, the powers that be went to a camera shooting Bastista during “warmups” when something “unexpected” happened.

This “fan” ran in front of the camera and “fired” “machine guns” into the camera, then he “ran” as “security” gave chase. All of this happened within a couple of seconds, and while Lawler’s laugh in the background suggests that nobody was expecting it, Batista oversells the confused glance one too many times.

Was it fake? Hey, it’s pro wrestling. They’re not getting the benefit of my doubt. See for yourself after the jump. –College Humor.

UPDATE: Apparently this is from 2008. We regret the error. Somewhat. It’s not like it’s any less funny.

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