Falcons-49ers Went Over After Atlanta Scored Two Touchdowns In The Final Two Seconds

Week 15 in the NFL produced two of the worst beats of the season at the sportsbook for some (and some miraculous covers for others, if you want to be positive). First, you had the Washington Redskins, who were leading in the final minute, getting anywhere from 4.5 to 6.5 points somehow give up two touchdowns in under 30 seconds, the last of which coming on a 50-yard fumble return touchdown.

It was gutting for Washington backers, but somehow the Falcons-49ers game managed to upstage that beat.

The Falcons, down 22-17, had a touchdown taken off the board by review with five seconds left, but managed to narrowly get Julio Jones across the goal line on the next play with two seconds to go, taking a 23-22 lead. The total in the game was 49.5.

Now, if you had the Under, you were still perfectly fine. There were two seconds left and it would take abject disaster for the ball to somehow end up in either end zone. Cue abject disaster in the form of, as Scott Van Pelt calls it, pitchy pitchy woo woo.

Once the play begins, terror sets in as you realize they aren’t going to fair catch it and try to make this happen with offensive players, but instead special teamers. Then, they start launching the ball backwards and the sense of despair and dread for Under bettors begins to set in, knowing at any moment that ball could get swiped by the Falcons and run in.

Naturally, on the final heave across the field, the oblong shaped ball hits at the 10, bounces sideways and then turns backwards inside the 5 instead of going out of bounds where it would’ve ended the game, squirts through the arms of a diving Falcons player at the 3 who would’ve been down there, rolls into the end zone where if it’s picked up by a Niners player, it’s fine and just a safety and the total goes to 47, but is scooped up by a Falcons player for a touchdown to push the number to 51 and ruin your evening.