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Because NFL cheerleading gigs pay little to nothing, Falcons cheerleader Shayla Stevens used to work part-time as a waitress at a nightclub — right up until the time she got assaulted by Da Brat and her employer ignored her injury.  Now she's suing both the rapper and the club (warning: painful syntax and excessive commas ahead):

The incident occurred at Studio 72, a night club in Tucker, Georgia, heavily promoted by hip-hop producer and businessman, Jermaine Dupri. Stevens, who never met Da Brat prior to the incident, was hit in the head with a 1.7 liter sized bottle by Da Brat, and suffered permanent injuries to her face as well as possible neurological damage. As a result of her injuries, she will miss upcoming Falcons games and promotional events, as well as a scheduled role on Tyler Perry's House of Payne sitcom… [T]he club owners were reluctant to contact the police due to possible negative publicity for the night club. A club manager, who witnessed the assault, failed to seek proper medical intervention for Stevens and she was taken to the hospital by a family member. 

My God, and I thought blogs had low standards for writing.  It's good to know I can at least write press releases after I get fired from this job.  In related news… wow, Da Brat?  Who knew she was still alive?

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