The Falcons Are Getting Trolled So Hard By New Orleans Saints Fans With This Mardi Gras Float

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In case you’d forgotten or somehow hadn’t seen it, the Atlanta Falcons blew a 25-point lead in the second half of the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots in the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. It was arguably the lowest moment in the history of Atlanta sports, which is saying something.

While the city of Atlanta has been dealing with the misery of that loss, it has created joy in another city. No, I’m not talking about Boston, I speak of the Big Easy, where the overload of schadenfreude from Atlanta’s sadness has created joy for Saints fans.

The Falcons-Saints rivalry isn’t as storied as Cowboys-Redskins or Patriots-Jets or some of the NFL’s other long-standing rivalries, and it hasn’t always had a great deal of impact on the rest of the league from the perspective of two teams chasing championships. However, for those two fanbases, it’s a bitter rivalry that breeds plenty of contempt for the other.

That’s why Saints fans have found themselves celebrating the Patriots Super Bowl win as much as you’ll see any fanbase celebrate another team’s success. There were fireworks set off after the game in New Orleans, and with Mardi Gras coming up, the party celebrating the Falcons failure won’t be stopping anytime soon.

That is a float for the upcoming Mardi Gras parade with “The Young & The Ringless” written on the side with paintings of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones on the side. It is incredibly petty, but also pretty funny (and sure to anger Atlanta fans, which is the point).