Falling Out Of The Chair Wheelchair Basketball Layup? Falling Out Of The Chair Wheelchair Basketball Layup

Sorry for the wordiness of that headline. If you stare at it long enough it looks like it says CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR. But still, a wheelchair basketball player made a lay-up while falling out of his wheelchair and that deserves as many typings of CHAIR as possible.

From the YouTube description, which is trying its best to get this clip on SportsCenter:

Brian Bell of the RHI Indiana Pacers drops it like it’s hot with this crazy out of the chair layup in the 2013 NWBA Division 1 National Championship in Louisville, KY. The Mavs defeated the Pacers but this shot was amazing. Everyone please share and help us get it on Sports Center! Share with hashtag #SCTOP10

It definitely deserves a spot in the Top 10. Brian has officially replaced Melissa, Zack’s girlfriend from that one very special episode of ‘Saved By The Bell,’ as the best wheelchair basketball player I’ve ever seen. Tweet this out, friends, and make sure to use the appropriate hashtag.

[h/t to Bob’s]