A ‘Family Feud’ Survey Confirms Shaq Is The Second Best NBA Player Of All-Time

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01.14.14 11 Comments

Family Feud Shaq

It’s time to tell the debate embracers at ESPN to pack it up and find a new tired argument to rehash on every slow news day, because the world’s foremost experts on everything have finally weighed in. The people surveyed for the Family Feud question, “If Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all-time, who is second best?” have declared Shaquille O’Neal the second best basketball player of all-time, as you can see from this screen cap take by NBA blogger extraordinaire JE Skeets.

Judging by the top three answers on the board, it’s never been more obvious that the show is not only filmed in Los Angeles, but all of the survey questions are asked to people there as well. And judging by the fact that Magic Johnson is third on the list, I’d guess that only 15 of the people surveyed are older than 40. Also, had I been surveyed, my vote would have gone to Alan Ogg. Someone has to stick up for the big guy.

In case you’re wondering, this still isn’t the best question to ever involve Shaq. That honor goes to: “Name something Shaquille O’Neal has that’s bigger than yours.” Did the bro with the white watch say, “His junk”? SHOW ME SHAQUILLE O’NEAL’S JUNK! But seriously, this should have been Steve Harvey’s Emmy moment.

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