FanDuel $500 Fantasy Baseball Is Coming At You Faster Than A Prince Fielder Triple

Pro Wrestling Editor

It’s here! Tonight’s fantasy baseball game with With Leather is giving you a chance to turn a $2 entry fee into a Prince Fielder-sized chunk of a $500 prize pool. They should give you a flat 50 points for a Prince triple, but whatever, I don’t organize these things, I just play them.

You should be playing, too, so here’s how we’re doing it:

No bells and whistles or “Beat Brandon To Death Because He’s Bad At Online Games” stips, just a straight-forward chance to turn a little bit of money into a lot of it. A $500 prize pool is nothing to gloss over, especially for two bucks, especially when the hardest thing you have to do is click a few names. Mike Trout! Click Mike Trout!

Seriously though, this is going down tonight, get over to FanDuel and sign up now.

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