FanDuel And Select Indians Are Giving Me A Shot At Fantasy Sports Redemption

Pro Wrestling Editor
03.28.12 2 Comments

We’ve done fantasy sports at With Leather before and I’ve been notoriously bad at them (I finished in 800th place in a 200 person league), but I’ve got something going for me — baseball season is officially underway and regular season games (and The Dugout) start rolling out next week, and between my knowledge of the Cleveland Indians and how computers work I’m a shoo-in for a first place finish. You know, with the Indians.

Anyway, our latest fantasy baseball game through is free to enter and can win you a Bank Of America duffel bag full of cash money — $1000, to be exact, with over 100 entrants taking home money. First place bags you 200 bucks, and if you’re as good at these games at me, you’ll at least walk away with a dollar.

It’s a one day contest (April 5, to be exact) and works like you might expect it to … you draft the best team you can under the salary cap and play them against the league. You can track your team’s progress through live scoring, and you get paid out at the end of the day once all games have ended. Then you look at how I’ve performed and see if you’re better than me. Which you are not.

And again, totally free. So hurry up and sign up for this immediately so you can brag about how well you’ll do on the 5th when I bug everyone else about signing up again on Friday.

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