Don't Be An Unbelievable Douchebag: Sign Up And Win $500 With FanDuel Fantasy Baseball

If you haven’t signed up for this week’s Fantasy Baseball Challenge through, what are you waiting for? Brian Wilson to write “FanDuel” on his crotch and waggle it at you?

This week we’re only allowing 275 spots, but you’re in luck — you can register up to three times for only two bucks a pop and earn your shot at winning money from a $500 cash pool. That’s $500 for making a figurative wanking motion at a picture of the stupidest person at The ESPYs and spending 5 minutes setting up a baseball team. It’s fun, it’s incredibly easy and you’re guaranteed to at least finish higher than me.

Here’s what we do, if you haven’t played yet:

I can only badger you to sign up and play so many times, and the game starts tonight, Friday the 13th so get in under the wire and win some money! If you win some, send me 20 bucks. I’ve got my eyes on this great knit cap.