FanDuel's $200 Friday League Returns And Somehow Albert Is Still This Crappy

05.03.12 7 years ago

Our ongoing fantasy baseball games through FanDuel haven’t been going well for Albert Pujols, or me — poor Albert’s batting .208 and I upped my performance in the last game by over 100 places and still finished in the low 400s. It’s not a good year for the two of us.

So we’re switching it up … this time the Friday League (happening tomorrow night) is offering prizes from a $200 cash pool, but with only 110 seats available in the game. The entry fee is a measly two bucks and you can enter up to three times, but I only get to enter once, with my sad Albert Pujols team. Because of that, you can get your entry fee back on all three of their entries if all of the them beat my team. It’s basically free again, with even easier money on top than normal. Sign up before I shake my head at you.

Here’s how it works, in case you’re a square and haven’t played yet:

And with this new set up, you’d be losing money by NOT playing. Sign up now and put me out of my misery!

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