Fantasy Follow-Up: Troy Tulowitzki Owes Me $300

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.04.11 2 Comments

So, the first With Leather fantasy baseball game through under my editorial command has come and gone, and I’m proud to say that I finished a solid 54th thanks to an 0-4 game by my new blood rival Troy Tulowitzki. You couldn’t have gotten one hit? You couldn’t have gotten hit by something? The big winner was user hw6400, who took first place with almost twice as many points as me. To add insult to injury, he had Kyle Farnsworth on his team, marking the first time Kyle Farnsworth has ever f**king won anything.

Here’s the top 5.

1. hw6400 – 88.6 points
2. Mochiman – 79.05
3. ryanbeingmanny – 74.85
4. tg7182 – 74.4
5. njpanick – 71.15
54. bthompsonstroud – 49.9 (grr)

If you won part of the cash pool, congratulations. The people at Draftstreet are awesome, so hopefully we’ll be doing more stuff like this in the near future. Next time I won’t pick Tulo. Buster Posey did even worse, scoring negative points, but he got 1 KO so I’m happy to have picked a guy with a great right cross.

Yeah, I don’t understand fantasy baseball, but it was fun.

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