Who To Start, Sit, And Scoop Up For Your Week 11 Fantasy Football Lineup

11.15.16 1 year ago

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The final three games of the fantasy football regular season are upon us. You’re probably scraping and clawing towards the playoffs as parity hits your league hard, so dig down deep, play your studs, hold your nose when it comes to the Browns and try your damndest to make it to Week 14, because the fantasy playoffs are magical, and anything can happen.

This week’s byes: Atlanta, Denver, NY Jets, San Diego

Start of the Week

Tom Brady: The Patriots just lost for the first time this year with Brady under center, now he’s going to take it out on the 49ers. Yes, San Francisco, who gives up the 7th-most points to opposing QBs. Brady may be down Gronk, and he may not play in the second half, but you can expect him to put a bruising on the Niners in a way that only the Patriots and a scorned Belichick can. There’s no way Brady finds his 0 TD, 1 INT game against Seattle acceptable. He probably can’t sleep at night.

You don’t play the Patriots when they’re angry, you only survive them.

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